On the evening of September 13, the 6th TEDxYouth@VMA kicked off at Qingyun Auditorium, with five guest speakers gathering at VMA to share their thoughts on the topic “Zone”. TEDxYouth@VMA is a platform for exchange of ideas and sharing of views, which not only enhances the learning environment of humanities and social sciences, but also provides students with more opportunities to learn more about different industries. Taking the attempt of the first TEDxYouth@VMA in 2018 as an opportunity, TEDx has become a regular featured event of VMA every year, inviting both audiences from both within and outside school to participate in it, and continuing to provide the VMA community with creative and inspirational talks, with a view to enabling the community to build a closer bond.



With the theme of “Zone”, this year’s event explores the relationship between human beings, nature, architecture, art, sports and other multidimensional “zones” from the foothold of different industries and disciplines.

The three speakers were Ms. Shao Ran, a cetacean conservationist, Mr. Zhang Yang, a landscape architect, and Mr. Shen Chi, an architect, who is also the parent of one of our students. Two VMA students, Yixuan Lin and Ziteng Feng, amazed the audience with their fluent and thought-provoking English speeches.

From blind worship to self-consistence, from escaping to facing vulnerability, from graffiti sketching as a child to being a father and working as an artist for a living, from animal performances to speaking out for wildlife, from unparalleled temple architecture to innovative cultural architecture, they combined their life experiences with the theme of “Zone”, and provided their unique perspectives.