Recently, Vanke Meisha Academy held the Fall Overseas College Fair for the 2023-2024 academic year. It is another large-scale education fair after the Spring Overseas College Fair in April this year, attracting more than 400 people from both inside and outside the school to participate in it.

Admission officers/Education Sectors from 48 prestigious universities in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Australia, China Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, and Italy, as well as 10 alumni were invited to participate in the fair, discussing face-to-face with students about applying to overseas colleges and universities in various regions, and sharing real life and study experience in an overseas university. During the exhibition, three lectures were held at the same time to bring parents and students the latest information on overseas study trends and answer questions about higher education.



Face-to-face communication with admissions officers of world-renowned universities

In the exhibition hall, each counseling stall was crowded with students and parents who came to consult. Admissions officers from various universities conducted Q&A sessions to help students and parents get thorough understanding. In addition, representatives of VMA student volunteers stood at the entrance and in front of the booths to provide counseling and translation services to the parents and students.

Teachers of Vanke Meisha Academy graduated from famous colleges and universities all over the world, what is their university like? At the Alumni Fair, 10 teachers stood behind the stall of the universities that they graduated from, attracting many students to come and learn from them.



Three lectures to provide more targeted guidance for higher education

During the exhibition, three lectures on the topics of “|Interpretation of Asian University Application”, “Overseas Career Development of Visual Arts Graduates” and “Medical Undergraduate Application in Australia” were held concurrently to provide more focused introductions for students and parents with different intentions of pursuing higher education.

For example, the admissions officer from Lingnan University in Hong Kong explained in detail the application methods and conditions of Asian universities, and discussed with parents about popular majors, life in Hong Kong and other topics. Admissions officers from the University of Sydney introduced the characteristics and requirements of medical majors in Australia, and answered parents’ concerns about study costs, application difficulties, language requirements and other issues. In the lecture on art topics, university admission teachers from the UK, Italy and the US introduced the development direction of graduates from the corresponding countries in detail.

After the exhibition, the demeanor of VMA students, the school environment, the professional guidance of teachers, and the meticulous service and organization of the event were also well received by university admissions officers, visiting parents and students.



It is understood that 70% of the 2023 graduates from Vanke Meisha Academy will enter Top 50 universities and top art schools in the world. In the 8 years since the founding of the school, VMA graduates have accumulated over 4,000 acceptances from more than 170 prestigious colleges and universities in 14 countries and regions. Not only are students favored by the Ivy League universities (e.g. Columbia University, Dartmouth College), but many of them have been admitted to the Top 10 universities in the world (e.g. Cambridge University, Imperial College of Science and Technology, University College London, etc.), and Top 3 design/music colleges in the world. VMA has successfully helped students get admitted to U.S. comprehensive universities, liberal arts colleges, visual arts colleges, performing arts colleges, and colleges other than that of the United States.